Who we are:

We are the web design team of Media PRO Web Design Galway. As we are heavy internet users, we spent some time preparing for GDPR new policies and are happy to announce our new GDPR Services. The General Data Protection Regulation impacts all of our businesses and our business behaviour policies. Compliance is now mandatory. We have the most comprehensive web design packages and solutions in the West of Ireland. We are the only company in Ireland that offer you advantages and benefits for free, with our extreme hosting service provider. If you take the entire Google top 100 companies lists, none of them matches our prices, quality and offers. Not a single one, so if you find any, please let us know and we will match them and give you a discount further on your development costs. Trust us.

gdpr website ready

Now, we shall speak about the GDPR and how it is now law and applies to all businesses that collect, handle or in any way process personal data of an EU Citizen. You are legally obliged under GDRP to have systems and policies in place outlining how you handle personally identifiable user data. We have

We are the most affordable and long term-on-the-market web design company in Galway. We generally focus on small startups and medium enterprises. Place an order with us today. Your documents will be ready within two weeks or less. All our documents come fully checked and verified as a fully GDPR compliant by a trained GDPR Champion.


We offer web development services, graphic design to include flyers, business cards and logos, custom print artwork, WordPress customisations, hosting services, GDPR Compliant privacy policies and more… With us, you do not need to shop around. We do have the smallest prices for every single product, at the highest quality standard.


We are the best seo company in Galway city with a present on the number one position leading the market for over 8 years now. We have been doing SEO since our early days and now we became super skilled SEO gurus. Please visit our SEO Galway website if you want your website to be in the first results of all the major search engines, like Google.


Check out our own state of the art, secure web hosting which includes DDOS Protection, Secure Firewall, Secured user hosting panels, 300% Faster SSD disks normal hosting, with an excellent twenty-four x seven live monitoring on our own dedicated Cloud Hosting cluster with free separate backup systems, for you to choose from.


For the last decade, Media PRO Web as a whole has been the only company to keep the price promise. We are aware that during the Celtic Tiger, the minimum wage grew by more than 6 euro in 6 years but after the great collapse of 2008, our income stayed somewhat the same.  We kept our low-cost high-quality moto, so rest assured.