Gdpr services Galway

Do not ignore the new General Data Protection Regulations

With technology having transformed our lives in a manner that no one could have envisaged, a complete review was required on how to protect people’s personal data. GDPR replaces the 1995 Directive, which was adopted at a time when Social Media and The Internet were only developing. GDPR is now recognised as law across the European Union and every member state has to have documented policies and procedures in place so as to be compliant with GDPR’s Six Personal Data Principles, where personal data must be:

• Processed lawfully, fairly and transparently
• Collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes
• Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary
• Accurate and up to date where necessary
• Kept for no longer that is necessary, where data subjects are identifiable
• Processed securely and protected against accidental loss, destruction or damage

Businesses & SME’s need to meet these personal data protection and data privacy documentation obligations and verify their requirements and needs ensuring that they are compliant with the new mandatory regulations and be compliant against GDPR that was proposed on 1st January 2012, adopted on 27th April 2016 and became law in May of 2018 as The Data Protection Act 2018.

Business’s needs, products and services for GDPR include:

• Initial Consultations
• Personal Data Information/Category Inventory
• Existing Data Protection Systems Analysis
• Guidance Consultations (working towards GDPR Compliance)
• Inspections
• Audits
• Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA)

Responsiveness to GDPR customer issues should be a core and important part of any business. Being able to respond to GDPR enquiries through your Data Protection Controller or GDPR Champions is critical to being compliant. Businesses need to work with internal/external Certified Data Protection Officers who are trained, have experience and understand your business.

GDPR is now alive and kicking, and part of our working day!

Do not ignore it.